About the Author

Greetings, fellow travelers.

My name is Phil. I am a musician and songwriter, U.S. Air Force veteran, IT Professional, DIY Hobbyist, and I reserve a long time passion for studying the various translations of the Holy Bible. My interest in Christianity has led to great personal struggles of faith, recovery, and what I now have come to consider spiritual success in this life. Not least of which are recorded in The Christian Doctrine Paradox, and The Evil God of Love.

As mentioned in the Introduction to this book, I respond to the atheist, agnostic and ‘true believes’ alike. How can you write a book report on a book you have never read for yourself?

Due to the fact that I am unaffiliated with denominational religion, I am able to provide unbiased ground breaking written presentations surrounding various church doctrines that are in opposition to the Holy Scriptures. I am a life time student of the Bible, and my sole dedication as an author is to witness on behalf of the voice of truth – whom is the Word of God – Jesus Christ. When not writing, hiking, or studying, I typically spend time in my music room where I have written more than 400 songs over the past 25 years.

My Family and I thank you kindly for visiting this website.

Our Baby Boy! God be Praised!!!

Whenever we are able, we enjoy traveling into the great outdoors. Preferably somewhere warm and full of light. Lord willing, the Walls family is looking forward to many more adventures in the sun – in this life, and in the next.

We have a vary large family… Love and Theft. As Bob Dylan would say, “It’s not easy being human.”
Note: the author is not affiliated with Bob Dylan in any way, claim, or obscurity. For legal or copywrite concerns regarding the above statement, please consult the Lord God Almighty’s “Department of Humor”. Thank you.

Kids these days… we are so proud of our oldest son, Jacob.

He is the smartest man I have ever met. Jacob has had more than his share of struggles growing up. Nevertheless, he has excelled at absolutely everything he has set out to do. Art? Forget about it. He learned how to paint like Bob Ross in about a month. Music? I taught him two or three cords on the guitar, he is now improvising by himself on more than one instrument, without any further instruction.

Not to brag too much, but he also excels at education and memorization. I get confused between Idaho, Iowa and Ohio due to dyslexia of sorts and couldn’t point out capital cities on a map if I had ten tries. But Jacob, this young savant, has darn near memorized the entire globe. Truly an amazing person. I am blessed to know him. Buddy, on behalf of us all, we’re looking forward to seeing what you do next!


The picture on the left is known to some as the universal sign that I was enlisted, and not commissioned. For those who are “in the know” are aware of this fact… you will never see a commissioned officer holding a mop.

To the right, the photo was taken during the Whiteman AFB 2007 annual awards banquet where I was the recipient of the Honor Guard Member of the Year. In this role, I was responsible for training personnel to perform the duties of the Ceremonial Guardsman, including; the posting of colors, ceremonial presentations for various services, and honoring fallen airmen at military funerals.

For the longest time, I had visions of creating a folk rock band. These silly ideas did not come to fruition, of course. However I do, on occasion, enjoy reminiscing, continuing my research into song writing, and creating new songs to share with friends, family, and the world wide web. A song writing process, I should add, that is now dedicated exclusively to the God of our salvation – the creator of the heavens and the earth – the one and only, Jesus Christ. To God Be the Glory!

There I was alone, searching for Love for nearly 37 years. I finally found the woman of my dreams. Unbeknownst to me, God did have a plan, after all.
Rebecca and I were wed on June 20th, 2020, in the presence of many friends, family members, a faithful Christian pastor to whom I am very grateful, and of course, the Lord our God who is a witness to all things under the sun.

I tell you the truth. If it were not for the name of “Jesus Christ”, Rebecca and I would never have met. Thank you Jesus!

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