From Rome to Christ” by Alberto Rivera

You must eradicate Catholicism in all the phases of your life” -Alberto Rivera

How Long Were the Israelites in Egypt?” by Nathan Hoffman

“Marching to Zion” Written by Steven L. Anderson

The Collapse of Western Civilization” by Paul Joseph Watson

The only thing Paul Joseph Watson left out of his soapbox below, is the fact that liberal Christians are promoting the moral decay, and that both liberal and conservative Christians are preaching a false Christ. Most everything else, I agree with. Very sad, but very true.

At minute mark 12:30 Paul states “There is no solution”. He could not be more wrong. The solution, is to accept the truth and obey the teachings of Jesus Christ. We know this will not happen, because Christ Himself prophesied the downfall of mankind due to an unwillingness to obey His commandments of Love – making way for a false Christ to appear on the scene offering the promise of peace. There is no truth, and there will be no peace, without Christ.

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