Truth is Exclusive

This one simple statement has consumed my thoughts over the course of the past several years, changing the way I understand modern Christianity. There cannot be multiple truths. And yet, there are most certainly multiple religious doctrines all preaching and teaching in the name of Jesus Christ.

The bible declares many false teachers will rise up to deceive Christians throughout the world all the way up until the time of His return. (2 Tim 4:3-4, Acts 20:28-30, 2 Pet 3:14-18, Mat 7:15-20, 1 John 4:1, Titus 1:9-16, Mat 24:24, Mark 13:5-6, Luke 21:8)

The question becomes, how is anyone supposed to understand the Truths within Christianity in a day and age where a multitude of “Christian” organizations are creating and re-creating their own denominational doctrines – not found in the scriptures – in turn, perverting “the Word of God”?  

The answer is simple: Read the bible for yourself.

Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

Brothers and sisters… are you studying to “shew thyself approved“?

Test the modern church against the testimony of the Lord Jesus Christ. Know your denominations doctrine thoroughly. If the church doctrine is held at a higher regard than the testimony of Jesus Christ, fear God and get out of that church!

My mission is to bring people to the realization that when the 66 books of the bible were written, the English language did not yet exist. Reading the bible in English without referring back to it’s original Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek texts is nothing more than surface reading which has lead to the abundance of denominational deception we see today.

Study the Bible; it’s history, it’s origins and the context of the passages contained within its inspired pages.

The quest for Truth can only be found in the testimony of Jesus Christ which should never be cast aside to make way for church doctrine. This belief is the foundation of the Christian Doctrine Paradox website/book.  

May our Lord Jesus Christ bless you and keep you in the truth of His everlasting Word.

2 thoughts on “Truth is Exclusive

  1. Philip Dugas

    Also, have you ever considered that the book of Genesis is an allegory describing the greatest event in human history, which was of course, the transition from a hunter-gatherer society, to an agrarian society. It’s all right there. Read Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden”


    1. philipwalls5941

      Well, you’re certainly not wrong in that regard. After the flood, as the waters continued to recede and shape the lands of the earth, there would have obviously been no edible crops to be found. It would have also taken quite a while to allow the animal population to produce offspring they were able to hunt. Hunting and gathering for food as well as harvesting the crops was likely very scarce during the first few years. I’m sure it was a very perilous time, indeed. I can only assume there remained a healthy amount of supplies on the ark at the time of the landing. Sorry, no, I have not read “the Dragons of Eden”. Thanks for the post.


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