The Bieber Paradox

In the realm of modern music, we see an endless stream of performing artists enjoying the earthly fruits of their large worldwide followings. Each of these artists travel the globe performing their craft. Many of them attend the larger music festivals such as South by South West, Lollapalooza, and Coachella. All of which are filled with acts of secular worship, prolific drug use and the broadcasting of Satanic music. Most of these festivals are akin to Woodstock 69 on steroids. But have now taken their festivals to a far greater extreme.

The things that we see and hear over the air waves of pop culture (not to mention their heathen gatherings) is not what the Lord intended when He created the gift of music. Not by any means. In this first video we see the pagan ceremony of Coachella. But then… something absolutely amazing happens toward the end of this clip. Something to which I was formerly unaware. Please watch, and then follow the rest of the story below.

So, after seeing that, I started looking into this Bieber phenomena. Has Justin Bieber given his life to Christ? Many, including the folks at TBN are saying yes, he has. Aside from his faults (which we all have), there are moments in the next clip that strike me as a person being quite honest about his faith. Both he and the professing Catholic host of the show seem a bit flamboyant, but I won’t get into that. However, I can see Justin does not appear to be seeking acceptance for his beliefs by entertaining the host. I happen to think he is being very persuasive. What good could he gain in his career by saying he is now and has always been a follower of Christ?

A skeptical person could say (and I am a skeptical person) that Justin is only saying these things to break into the Christian music market which happens to be a HUGE money maker for everyone involved in the business. If so, why would the reporters at TMZ be so butt hurt by Justin’s transition?

Bieber has been slowly incorporating Christian songs into his act for a while. I found a performance of him singing an old Martin Smith song called “I will sing of your Love forever”, during one of his performances. This song is very well known in the Christian music community and if taken out of context could easily be sang as a secular song. It would be wonderful to see a person with Justin’s influence openly professing Christ, don’t you think? Still, lets not get ahead of ourselves.

I then found a clip of Justin’s mother giving her testimony of how Justin first got his big break into the music scene. Pattie is claiming Justin is “taking back the arts” and that they hailed him as a future star in the church before his fame ever grew in the secular world.

There are many other articles and video’s of Justin professing his faith. Below is an unreleased copy of Justin covering “Good Father”, a popular Christian song. The fact that this “unreleased” copy is on YouTube makes me wonder who leaked the officially “unreleased” clip, but ultimately that really wouldn’t matter.

Here is my question. Why is he putting his own crew out of work, as the TMZ pundits where claiming, to follow his faith? Why has he started singing Christian music and upsetting his fans while simultaneously gaining a Christian following?

Main stream media makes a big deal about every celebrity issue down to the color of their toe nail polish, who they’ve had sex with recently, and what gender they currently subscribe too. So… when was the last time you viewed or read a article about Justin Bieber turning his life over to Christ? Hmm… I know, who cares right? I’m simply asking the question, leading the conversation, in order to make a final point.

Where is Justin getting his vast wisdom? Where does he turn to for guidance? In whom has he entrusted his faith? Who is the “Pastor” with whom he spent several weeks with during his transition? Of course, it would be no one less than the folks at Hillsong.

So… what is Hillsong Church and who is Carl Lentz? Good question. Behold, the false Christians at Hillsong Church.

I’m not sure who’s responsible for the lame Photoshop work (occult symbolism drawn over his face) in the video above, but this does lead me to the final point I mentioned earlier… It is very easy to be deceived by the wickedness of Satan. Do not allow yourselves to be taken in by the glitz, glamor and pop-culture of this world (see chapter “Deception and Original Sin”).

Brother, Justin. Frankly, I wonder what Rich would say about you singing his song. If you are truly seeking the Lord, then I am positive you have befriended the WRONG crowd. No bling, no glitz, no glamor. In case you are seeking, I suggest you take a lesson from the Ragamuffin band.