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The Christian Doctrine Paradox

Spotlighting Biblical Truth and Exposing False Doctrines in Modern Christianity

Unaffiliated with denominational religion, Philip is able to provide unbiased, ground breaking written presentations surrounding various church doctrines which are in opposition to the scriptures in the Holy Bible. His obedience to seeking the truth is virtually unparalleled in the field of Christian Apologetics.

Philip is a life time student of the Bible whose sole dedication as an author is to the voice of truth whom is the Word of God – Jesus Christ.

As a college graduate, IT technician, and decorated veteran of the US Air Force, Philip is steeped in attention to detail, critical thinking, and contextual understanding of how smaller pieces of a puzzle fit together to form the bigger picture.

With a series of books already underway, excerpts from his first book, “The Christian Doctrine Paradox” can be read by clicking on any of the links below.

When not writing, hiking, or taking care of his family, Philip can be found in his music room where he has written more than 400 songs over the past 25 years.

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