Part One – Exposing False Doctrines

Chapter 1: Christ’s Message to the Seven Churches

Chapter 2: Deception and Original Sin

Chapter 3: The Narrow Way

Chapter 4: The Rapture Exposed

Chapter 5: Who Forgot the Second Zero?

Chapter 6: Irony in the Sabbath Debate

Part Two – Biblical Mysteries

Chapter 7: Eternity, Time Travel, and the Book of Revelation

Chapter 8: The Mark of the Beast (Parts I, II and III)

Chapter 9: What is the Matrix?

Part Three – Life After Death

Chapter 10: 90 Minutes in Sheol

Part Four – The Infallibility Doctrine

Chapter 11: The Name of Jesus

Chapter 12: The Word of God

Part Five – Our Personal Relationship with God

Chapter 13: Blessed are the Poor in Spirit

Chapter 14: Getting to Know Your Father