The Irony in the Sabbath Debate

Several years ago, I attended a seminar held by a member of the Seventh Day Adventist church in Sedalia, Missouri. My brother had been attending SDA services prior to this event, so naturally, I was interested in hearing what they had to say. In fact, I have never been opposed to hearing someone’s religious views before I offer my own. Being a student of the bible, I know well enough how it states in the book of Proverbs 18 that if a man answers a matter before hearing it, it is a shame and a folly unto himself. So, I listened, contemplated, prayed and studied.

I decided to approached this subject objectively and without religious bias as best I possibly could. Doing so was a conscious decision I made for personal reasons and not a task I had taken lightly. I left the SDA church not long after the seminar but continued my sabbath study in secret knowing something about the way in which the sabbath was being taught was wrong from both the Saturday and Sunday side of the debate. I knew in my heart the teaching was wrong but I did not know how or why. I realized, I had to know the truth. I was at a point in my life where I had lost faith in church doctrine and if I failed to find the truth in the scriptures, I was faced with losing my faith as a Christian.

One morning, years later, I was sitting reading my Bible when it finally dawned on me. I had an epiphany. The Lord had shown me everything I needed to put this debate to rest. This chapter is the result of my spiritual awakening into the scriptural truths concerning the seventh day sabbath. I hope and pray you will consider this information carefully and hear me out. No matter which side of the religions debate you are on, I truly believe this information will help you grow as a Christian.

The entire premise of the Christian sabbath observance is based on two false assumptions. First, “keeping sabbath” means you must go to church on a prescribed day of the week. Secondly, only those who attend church on the sabbath love the Lord enough to obey His commandments and keep the seventh day “holy”. At which point, the many varying manifestations of Christianity begin quarreling over which day is to be “kept” as the Christian Sabbath.

The biblical evidence presented herein may likely upset both the Saturday and Sunday observing Christian world view. However, if you enjoy learning Biblical truths as opposed to observing the religious traditions of men, this information may help set in stone your understanding of the seventh day Sabbath observance once and for all.

I will offer my understanding of how we as Christians could observe sabbath, but the question of should we observe Sabbath has become convoluted by the religious teachers own ignorance of what the Sabbath was originally meant to represent; a day of rest and cleanliness at the end of this current earth creation (Gen 2:2-3) – not a day of gathering for “worship”.

The seventh day was given to the Israelites as a sign between themselves and the creator God (Exo 31:12-18), to observe as a shadow of things to come (Col 2:17, Heb 10:1), but the Israelites were rebellious and the sabbaths were greatly polluted before the LORD (Eze 20:12-14). A shadow of things to come would be manifest in the physical appearance of the creator – the Son of God (Jhn 1) the only one who is the same as the Father (Jhn 1:18,6:38, 10:30, Heb 1:5) the promised Messiah who would fulfill all things (Jhn 19:28, Luk 24:44) our redeemer (Gal 3:13) who takes away the sin of the world (Isa 53, Jhn 1:29). It is He who is the LORD of the sabbath (Mat 12:6-8, Luk 6:1-5), and it is He in whom we receive our own personal sabbath rest (Heb 4:9-10) forever.

We no longer need to toil or labor for our salvation day over day, week over week and year over year. Our salvation and sabbath rest are now found solely in the Lord Jesus Christ – not a day of the week.

However, let’s say for argument sake you want to observe the seventh day sabbath anyway. The question I ask is not “are we keeping Sabbath on the correct day”? But moreover, “are we keeping Sabbath in the correct way”?

Just what exactly is necessary to observe this “hallowed”, “sanctified”, and “holy” day of creation correctly?

The simple truth revealed in the Hebrew scriptures is this: the act of getting up and going to church or synagogue on Saturday is the very act of breaking Sabbath.

… … …

And much, much more… see the chapters page for more details.

To read the full chapter, please consider purchasing the book (click here) or request a free copy by emailing Philip directly at

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