What is the Matrix?

“It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out.” (Proverbs 25:2; BSB)

Is it possible there is a grander celestial purpose to our lives than the limited scope of feel-good Christian theology being taught by modern preachers? Is it possible there are certain things we may not have taken into consideration? Are the various Christian religions being broadcast on radio and television the direct and uncompromised testimony of Christ? Why are there so many divisions in our Christian churches? Which denomination should I attend as a new believer? Do all the denominations preach the same message? How do we witness a true Christian faith to the atheist, agnostic, and other worldly religious? In the greater sense of this universal construction, a person may ask, why are we here? How did we get here? What is the meaning of life?

So many questions at so great a cost for the wrong answers.

The Modern World

Think about our lives in the modern world. What has modern life succumb to in all its luxuries? We possess such great comforts in the first world nations yet still seem to find the time to bicker and argue about our lack of freedoms, possessions, and the often-harsh social injustices being forced upon us. Have we become complacent while capitulating to the modern woe-is-me mentality?

The Christian procurators of the modern world no longer need to toil and till the ground or hunt their own food to be nourished. Large meals for the whole family are only a phone call away.

In the winter, our toes can get chilly while sitting comfortably on the couch. No problem. The stove or furnace in our homes can reset the temperature to whatever level we desire.

Has it become too hot or too humid on a sunny summer’s day in the area where you live? Blast the air conditioner or swamp cooler for a few minutes. Problem solved.

Have you ever broken a bone playing sports, acting foolish, or injured by accident? Fret not. A mobile medical unit can pick you up and drive you to the nearest hospital where your bones can easily be reset by a professional physician. In times past, a broken bone was practically a death sentence. Infection, fever, and death were often inevitable with certain types of injuries.

Woe, woe, woe are our first-world problems in an age of mounting technological advancements.

For many of us, the modern meaning of life is to work toward retirement. For others, our daily lives revolve around allowing the government to handle our finances through social welfare and subsidy programs. But whether we work thirty to sixty hours a week or receive everything for free, more often than not the result is the same. We sit at home gazing endlessly at a screen force-feeding propaganda into our sub-conscious minds through stories of entertainment and corporate news juggernauts. All the while, stuffing our faces with a seemingly endless supply of processed food often lacking in organic nutrition, which then inevitably leads to an endless array of self-inflicted illnesses.

And now, since the advent of television, the majority of earth’s population have come to believe our lives should be totally encompassed by these so-called news stories; social media, entertainment, the latest gadget, technology, pop-culture personality, or pleasure. All of which is pushing borderline idolatry while instructing us to seek a pride for this life Christ warns us to avoid.

Why are so many souls willing to put up with this? Why do we plant our faces in these devices day after day often believing the propaganda, mimicking the forced societal behaviors, and entertaining these spiritual deceptions?

Have you ever noticed how the creators of the Hollywood blockbuster movies implant subliminal messaging directly into the heart of the characters?

Think about the original trilogy, The Matrix. If you were asked to describe The Matrix to a person who had never seen the movie, how would you tell the story? Perhaps you could unfold the narrative of how Trinity and Morpheus freed Neo from the clutches of a false reality. Or how all souls are being enslaved by an evil group of entities capable of traveling supernaturally at will in the blink of an eye performing inhuman feats of strength, miracles, signs and wonders.

That could be a fitting analogy… but what is more interesting than using The Matrix as a fictional parallel to describe this world of machinations in which we live, is the fact that the bible does indeed give mention to the “matrix” – by name. Coincidentally, much like The Matrix trilogy, the bible is also referring to a world being pulled over our eyes. Similar in part, but so very different when given closer scrutiny.

Earlier versions of the bible including the King James Bible use the word “matrix” or variations in the spelling of the word from the old English dialect such as “matryce”, and “matrice”. We see this in Exodus chapters 13:12-15; 34:19 and Numbers 3:12; 18:15.

We know how Hollywood portrays The Martix. But how does the bible explain this mystery? Well, the word “matrix” is only used when referring to the female womb …how very interesting. In the bible, the portal from which life is brought into this fallen world is introduced to us as “the matrix”.


““7358 {26x} rechem, rekh’-em; from 7355; the womb [comp. 7356]: – womb {21x}, matrix {5x}. Rechem, as a noun, means “bowels; womb; mercy.” The first use of rechem is in its primary meaning of womb”. (emphasis mine throughout) [1]

“7355 {47x} racham, raw-kham’; a prim. Root; to fondle; by impl. To love, espec. to be compassionate: – mercy {32x}, compassion {8x}, pity {3x}, love {1x}, merciful {1x}, Ruhamah {1x}, surely {1x}. Racham, the verb, means “to have compassion, be merciful, pity

“7356 {44x} racham, rakh’-am; from 7355; compassions (in the plural); by extens. the womb (as cherishing the fetus); by implication a maiden: – mercy {30x}, compassion {4x}, womb {4x}, bowels {2x}, pity {2x}, damsel {1x}, tender love {1x}. Racham expresses a deep and tender feeling of compassion, such as is aroused by the sight of weakness or suffering in those who are deer to us or in need of our help.”

This word “matrix”, which in the Hebrew tongue is rechem (womb) comes from its Hebrew derivative, racham which means; love, compassion, mercy – to have pity on or cherish a loved one who is week and suffering. The meaning of the womb (the matrix) most accurately resembles an act of mercy.

Okay…? A person should ask, why is the process of a spirit supernaturally entering the mother’s womb, and later, entering into this world explained as an act of compassion, mercy, and pity? What could this possibly mean? [1]

… … …

The Newly Updated Edition of this book has been completed, and is currently pending publication with Genesis Publishing House. For details on when the new book will be available, send your inquiries to doctrineparadox@gmail.com

Thank you, and God bless.

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