What is the Matrix?

It is the glory of God to conceal a matter and the glory of kings to search it out.” (Pro 25:2 BSB)

I have said it before and I will say it again. I do not have the truth – I have been seeking the truth. There is a difference between these two ideologies most people and all world religions fail to understand. Religions and worldly philosophies claim to have the truth. They claim to possess a greater understanding than the next belief, religion or philosophy. In the grandeur scheme of things, we all have the free will to believe whatever we desire and in turn, I have the free will to claim the religions and philosophies of the world are all deceived. Interesting how that works. We have free will to believe.

I have been seeking answers to what I believe are among the greatest questions in the universe. This book is a result of those questions. Along this journey, I have studied the bible, world religions and philosophies. In doing so, I have found the one and only man who has ever claimed to be God while also commanding love and peace from His followers, is Jesus Christ. No other religion ever constructed calls us to love and peace while also offering a plan to accomplish that task. Christ, is one of a kind.

I read and study the bible because it contains the historical record of this Christ child along with the many ancient prophecies which foretold mankind of His coming. It is a troubling and awesome journey to embark on when you discover that in the process, you will uncover puzzling scriptural dilemmas which raise questions that are for some reason, not being asked in our modern churches.

Is it possible there is a grander celestial purpose to our lives than the limited scope of feel good Christian theology being taught by modern preachers?

Are the many Christian religions being broadcast on radio and television the direct and uncompromised testimony of Christ?

Why are there so many divisions in our Christian churches?

Why are so many people deceived by worldly religions?

How do we witness a true Christian faith to the religions and philosophies of the world?

Why are we here?

What is the meaning of life?

So many questions at so great a cost for the wrong answers.

Please consider and understand this one thing as you read through this chapter. My friends, nothing I say or write can lead you to the truth. Nothing. Whether I am right or I am wrong, if anything I say is true, that truth can only be revealed to you if it were so ordained by the Father in Heaven for you to receive it. It is our Father who reveals these truths to those who have eyes to see and ears to hear – that, I believe, is the Holy Spirit working in us. My words are nothing if my testimony is not true and my intentions are not pure.

If something I have written during the course of my biblical studies sparks a flame in your understanding, know that it was not me nor my written words which gave you that spark. Even if what I say is true, that truth cannot be received by you or myself, or anyone else, if we are not ready and willing to hear it.

For the record, I am not starting a church, a new denomination, and I do not want your money. I am not a prophet, a guru, nor an evangelist. I am a man seeking the truth. In this chapter, I will pose a series of questions with the intention of letting you work out the truth for yourself. Either you will conclude that I have a genuine position and passion for finding the truth and the questions I raise are legitimate, or you will likely write me off as a heretic preaching a false gospel. I take no joy in saying this, but I do not believe there is a third option. In either case, I believe the reader will benefit from hearing what I have to say.

… … …

If you were asked to describe The Matrix to a person who had never seen the movie, how would you tell the story? Painting Neo as a new born superhero dodging bullets or engaging in battle with agent Smith wouldn’t be good enough. Perhaps you could unfold the narrative of how Trinity and Morpheus freed Neo from the clutches of a false reality, or how all souls are being enslaved by an evil group of entities capable of traveling supernaturally at will, in the blink of an eye, performing inhuman feats of strength, miracles, signs and wonders…

A fitting analogy, I believe. But what I find more interesting than using The Matrix as a fictional parallel to describe this world of machinations in which we live, is the fact that the bible does indeed give mention to the “matrix” – by name. Coincidentally, much like The Matrix movie, the bible is also referring to a world having been pulled over your eyes. Similar in part, but so very different when given closer scrutiny.  

Earlier versions of the Bible, including the KJV, use the word “matrix” or variations in the spelling of the word from the old English dialect such as “matryce”, and “matrice”. We see this in Exodus chapters 13:12-15, 34:19 and Numbers 3:12, 18:15.

We know how Hollywood portrays The Martix. But how does the bible explain this mystery? Well, this word “matrix” is only used when referring to the female womb as an act of mercy …how very interesting. The portal for which life is brought into this world, is portrayed as an act of mercy?

… … …

In the movie, the term “matrix” is used to describe a false world being pulled over your eyes for the purpose of keeping you from knowing the truth. In reality, this is not entirely false. But who is to blame for hiding this ultimate truth in the first place? If you have already read Deception and Original Sin, I can tell you I have tried with everything I have to make this known.

In the movie, when you leave the matrix you are born into the “real world” – a place where those who were deceived by the Creator have been “woken from their sleep” and now live in the “real world” in a place called, you guessed it, the city of Zion.

In the movie, Zion exists deep beneath the earth (a traditional folklore setting for Hell).

In the movie, the good guys are fighting against the evil Creator of “the Matrix”.

On the other hand, …

In the bible, Zion is the holy mount of God, explained also as a heavenly city, the new Jerusalem (Heb 12:22, Isa 8:18, 24:23, 28:16, Rev 14:1, Joe 2:32) – not as a city cast into the bowels of the earth.

In the bible, the term “matrix” is used to describe our entrance into this world via mercy through the womb – not an oppressive false reality of an evil Creator’s rule.

In the bible, we are not born into the “real world”. We are born into a temporary world where all have been deceived by Satan.

In the bible, earth is a domain where Satan (not Jesus Christ) is the temporary prince of this world (Jhn 12:31; 14:30, 2 Cor 4:4, Eph 2:2).

In the bible, the Creator of “the Matrix” is the only source of love and truth in all the universe.

The life we are now living is not the “real world” as it is in the movies. In this life, we are all destined to die once, after that, the judgement (Heb 9:27). The next life is the true life. We are only hear for a brief moment of time. Hollywood’s version of The Matrix is an exact opposite of what the Bible reveals the matrix to be.

Satan has always sought to deceive the children of God, both man and angel. This manipulation of the truth, created in part by Hollywood elites, is yet another means for Satan to achieve his purpose of deception in the modern “real world”.

The Matrix trilogy unravels the plot of how there exists an almighty powerful Creator being who has pulled the wool over our eyes.

In the movie, the Creator of “the Matrix”, is the evil villain.

In the movie, the evil Creator villain is heard referring to himself as “the Father” and “God” where the all-knowing “Oracle” is the “mother God”.

In the movie, Neo (the savior of mankind) finally defeats the evil Creator Father God and becomes the sun god himself at the end of the trilogy.

Coincidence? I think not. That is how Satan sees himself. A savior who will overthrow the throne of the “evil Creator Father God”.

… … …

So, Hollywood made another movie, big whoop. Why make such a fuss? The Matrix is just a movie, right? There’s not really an evil spiritual force seeking to pull the wool over your eyes, right? Satan doesn’t really want your assistance in dethroning the Creator of heaven and earth, right? Satan doesn’t exist in reality …right?  

What would you say if I told you, you could know the truth – that you could understand very easily the meaning of life on this planet and the purpose for the creation of the universe?

What would you say if I told you, the bible clearly and unobjectionable states many human beings existed before the womb/matrix was created?

What would you say if I told you, the reason we are all living in this spiritually deceived existence is the result of mankind’s disobedience to our Creator in a former angelic state?

… … …

In this chapter, we will be cross referencing three underlining biblical themes attempting to explain this fundamental paradigm. The first, being mankind’s mortality – and nothing more. The second, being mankind’s angelic origins. The third being an intermingling of the first two. By the end of this chapter, you will know which biblical theme I believe is correct.

… … …

To read the full chapter, please purchase the book (currently in prepublication – not yet released for sale) or request a free copy by emailing Philip directly at philipjwalls@gmail.com

… … …

And much, much more… see the chapters page for more details.

To read the full chapter, please consider purchasing the book (click here) or request a free copy by emailing Philip directly at philipjwalls@gmail.com

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