Truth is Exclusive

TRUTH IS EXCLUSIVE. This one simple statement should consume our thoughts as we consider the implications of modern Christianity. There cannot be multiple truths. And yet, there are most certainly multiple religious denominations all preaching and teaching in the name of Jesus Christ.

The bible declares many false prophets will rise on the scene deceiving people throughout the world (2 Timothy 4:3-4; Acts 20:28-30; 2 Peter 3:14-18; Matthew 7:15-20; 24:24; 1 John 4:1; Titus 1:9-16; Mark 13:5-6; Luke 21:8). It is sobering to discover the various Christian religions are not exempt from these prophecies. Christians are being deceived, and the questions presented in this book are begging to be asked.

How are we to understand the truths in Christ’s teachings in a day and age where a multitude of Christian organizations are creating and re-creating their own denominational doctrines specific to their own personal beliefs? How are we to know which denomination, if any, is revealing the whole truth to the glory of God?

“Study to shew thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not to be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth.” (2 Timothy 2:15)

But how can we divide the word of truth? What is the course of action we need to take to ensure we are not being deceived? The answer dear friends is quite simple. Read the bible for yourself. If we adhere only to one modern church doctrine or the other, while neglecting to research the ancient texts personally, we will be providing a tremendous disservice to ourselves and to others.

Brothers and sisters, are we studying to “shew thyself approved”? Does the modern church mirror the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ? Are we substantiating our doctrines against the validity of the ancient texts? Can we honestly say we are practicing our faith in the same way Jesus Christ instructed his disciples to practice their faith?

We should know our denominations doctrine thoroughly. If our modern teachers adhere to church doctrine more aptly than the testimony of Jesus Christ, we would be wise to fear God and get ourselves and our families out of these counterfeit Christian churches.

In this book, there exists a not-so-subtle reoccurring theme encompassing three essential underlining objectives. The first objective is to shed light on the most popular doctrines of modern theology. We need to know precisely what we are being taught. We then need to weigh popular theology against the account of what is actually written in the Holy Bible about these specific teachings.

The second crucial objective is to bring the reader to the realization that over the course of several hundred years when the 66 books of the bible were originally written, the English language did not yet exist. Reading the Holy Bible in English (or any other language) without referring back to the original texts is nothing more than surface reading which has led to the abundance of denominational deception we see today.

Lastly, and certainly not least, is the understanding that you as a believer, and especially to the skeptic, need to study the bible for yourself. The believer should not let a third party study the bible on their behalf and the skeptic should take most speeches given by modern preachers with a grain of salt. On many occasions, Christ warned us not to be deceived by false prophets. Both believers and non-believers alike need to heed this warning.

In the modern world we have the wonderful gift of scripture availability like never before. Sadly, too many of us have been taking this gift for granted. Open the bible; study its history, its origins, and the context of the passages contained within its inspired pages.

The quest for truth can only be found in the testimony of Jesus Christ and in a proper contextual reading of the ancient texts. We should never for any reason cast aside this fact to permit the insistence that modern church doctrine can supersede the divinely inspired writings.

This belief is the foundation of The Christian Doctrine Paradox website/book.

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10 thoughts on “Truth is Exclusive

  1. Philip Dugas

    Also, have you ever considered that the book of Genesis is an allegory describing the greatest event in human history, which was of course, the transition from a hunter-gatherer society, to an agrarian society. It’s all right there. Read Carl Sagan’s The Dragons of Eden”


    1. philipwalls5941

      Well, you’re certainly not wrong in that regard. After the flood, as the waters continued to recede and shape the lands of the earth, there would have obviously been no edible crops to be found. It would have also taken quite a while to allow the animal population to produce offspring they were able to hunt. Hunting and gathering for food as well as harvesting the crops was likely very scarce during the first few years. I’m sure it was a very perilous time, indeed. I can only assume there remained a healthy amount of supplies on the ark at the time of the landing. Sorry, no, I have not read “the Dragons of Eden”. Thanks for the post.


    2. Adimchi Onyenadum

      No, the book of Genesis is not an allegory describing all that you stated. It is the genealogy of the human race with its early history up to probably a couple thousand years after creation.


      1. philipwalls5941

        To clarify, I was not agreeing about Mr. Dugas’ allegory statement. I was, in a tongue in cheek manner, referring to the “hunter gatherer” comment he made. Finding edible food immediately after the flood would have been very difficult for a few years at least. Certainly no crops were forming until planting had begun. And the animal population would have not been eaten right away, obviously. That is what I meant by “in that regard”. I was only referring to hunting and gathering food. Though I do believe the Garden of Eden is a parable, creation and the flood account are most certainly not an allegory.


  2. Adimchi Onyenadum

    Genesis chapter 8 tells us that Noah’s dove, on its second flight, came back to him with a “freshly plucked olive leaf!” (v. 11 NIV) That is hardly any sign of a destructive flood on crop trees. The dude may not have had any surviving animals to hunt after the flood (btw. the purpose of the food was to destroy every living thing on earth not saved in the ark. It was not to destroy vegetation), but he certainly could gather crops from some crop trees that survived the flood. Besides, Noah was not a hunter before the delusion. He was a farmer. Concerning the garden of Eden, I can’t see anything even remotely indicating that the place wasn’t real. I wonder where you base your premise of it being a parable.


    1. philipwalls5941

      Those are all very, very good points, Adimchi! Thank you for the comments.
      I believe it was Arnold Murry, or one of his contemporaries, were I first heard the idea that the whole earth (i.e. the entire globe) was in fact NOT covered in water, but only the land where evil was taking place. I’ve never ruled that out as a possibility. But then again, I have not done deep studies into that theory myself. So in that regard, I would be speculating. Again, thanks for the comments.
      Also, I was not trying to make a doctrinal certainty out of what Mr. Dugas was saying. That comment should be taken with a grain of salt. In a sense it was also an attempt at humor because I know the person who made that comment, Mr Philip Dugas, and that one comment was directed at that one person as I know the way he thinks (as an atheist).


      1. Adimchi Onyenadum

        Thanks for engaging and for your attention. I know about the “not the entire globe” delusion theory. But the simple truth remains that:

        1) The “whole globe” delusion was possible with God and also with the then climatic conditions of the world. Those conditions are definitely not the same today.

        2). But assuming the theory is correct, the then populated world was centred around the middle East as we were still in the cradle of creation and human civilization.

        3). Noah’s ark rested on Mt Ararat that has been shown to be located in the same geographical area, in the neighbouring area of modern day Turkey.

        4). The Bible says that the waters covered the highest mountains in the area with a clear margin. So, the waters had to recede enough for the messenger dove to find the upper branches of an olive tree protruding though the receding waters in order to pluck the twig. It didn’t need to fly to a foreign continent, in say, Australia-Asia that probably wasn’t flooded, to get it!

        I apologise if I am boring you following up on this issue. You have already clarified that it wasn’t specifically your premise. I happen to have studied the topic in more detail.


      2. philipwalls5941

        You are not boring me 🙂 I very much appreciate your input, Adimchi. I would like to send you a free copy of my book. eMail me at for delivery.
        I do not say these things to prove I am right or the other person is wrong, but to express the understanding that, like I say in the introduction to the book, “I do not have all the answers, my friends. However, by the time you finish this book, you will come to know for certain how the various modern Christian doctrines are lacking in the fullness of truth when it comes to Christ’s teachings.” but also, that I have indeed uncovered a few topics in this book that have never been brought to the light of day (not concerning the flood – but other things).
        We can very well continue this conversation online, here on my website. Or we can continue via email. Both are acceptable options for me.
        Your friend,
        Phil Walls

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    2. philipwalls5941

      You mentioned, “Concerning the garden of Eden, I can’t see anything even remotely indicating that the place wasn’t real. I wonder where you base your premise of it being a parable.”
      I would be happy to send you a free copy of that chapter where I lay out the doctrinal evidence for the garden of Eden being a parable. The evidence is overwhelmingly abundant. By the way, I never said “it wasn’t real”, but what I do claim in the book is the vast amount of bibilcal evidence to suggest the garden of Eden existed before our CURRENT heaven and earth. God then Re-created the world (and universe) in six days, just like it says in Genesis 1:2-31
      The chapter is called “What is the Matrix” you can read experts here:
      Or you can purchase a hard copy of the book from most major retailers.


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